"Soon Venus blazes in an indigo sky
and leaves her silver footsteps
in the still lake below.
I'm pierced
Through with beauty."

These phrases, selected at random, catch the author's deep responses to
the myriad worlds within the world. She looks down and sensitively
describes the treasures beneath her feet, but is ready to look up as
well, toward the mysteries hidden among the stars-poems of above and
below. These are dedicated to the ever-new yet ancient wisdom of
Sophia-the very embodiment of wisdom-whom the poet herself subtly
embodies, as her descriptions in her writings reveal, reaching out as
they do into the varied aspects of existence.

Walter Spink 

By  Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See all my reviews

Written by Barbara Spring, Sophia's Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below is a collection of free-form verse embracing the wonders of nature. Short stanzas reflect upon topics as great as global warming to the blissful seasonal transformations wrought in the month of October to the moment-by-moment experience of a lunar eclipse. A quiet, contemplative reflection of forces that transcend and surround humankind. "Ocean Sounds": Bar Harbor lobstermen / know ocean sounds / rolled up form lowly troughs: / sonorous moos of amorous whales / and moans of moonstruck seals. 

By  Edgar M. Rollins - See all my reviews
Barbara Spring sent me the transcript of her new book
Sophia's Lost and Found months ago
...but you know how the sweet things are...
a bottle of wine you stumble upon that you make last
much longer than wished.
But you must because of a flavor like from a dream
or another life
that makes you want to dance
or cry
or laugh.
So I read a poem every few days or so
to make it last
and never told a soul
because there are too many secrets here
and so very few would understand.

Today I brought home another bottle of Ravenswood Merlot
and started reading Sophia's again
and telling everybody I know.  


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