Editorial Reviews

The Wilderness Within is elegant in style and profound in feeling. -- Sherry Russell, reviewer Intriguing Authors

There is an exceptional understanding and love of the natural world expressed in these poems and essays. -- Chesil, editor PW Review

Product Description
The Wilderness Within is a collection of poetry and a few travel essays. They draw upon the experiences of ordinary life looked at in an extraordinary way.

From the Inside Flap
They just keep coming,these poems. Some poems arrive from mysterious places I have never been before. Many enter in from the Great Lakes region where I live. Others come home with me in my suitcase after traveling. I have includeded some travel stories that go with certain poems.

Places, friends, family, birds fish, flowers, stones, lakes, rivers---and the unseen world enter these poems in unexpected ways. All of these weave together into the fabric of life itself. These poems shimmer at the threshold where inner and outer worlds meet.

About the Author
Barbara Spring lives near the shore of Lake Michigan. She draws inspiration from the natural world and its interesting peoples. She is the author of a non fiction book, The Dynamic Great Lakes and Sophia's Lost and Found.


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